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Sterling Medical Services now offers Breast Pumps. Call 1-877-856-1293 to order your breast pump.

About Us

For a long life, a life-long partner.

Founded in 1992, Sterling Medical Services is a nationwide provider and distributor of disposable medical supplies, health and management services. Our valued customers include managed care organizations and other health insurance plans, home health nursing agencies, family and specialty physician practices, rehab facilities, out-patient clinics, hospital discharge nursing care providers, and individual patients.

The ‘home care’ decision

As more and more Americans select a home setting for their chronic and specialty care medical needs, Sterling has become a marketplace leader by focusing on custom services that specifically meet the complex conditions of the home care environment. We have built our reputation by creating and pioneering programs and services that support the needs of patients with diabetes, ostomies, wounds, and various continence conditions. All of these core products and services are delivered with extreme care and dedication, one patient at a time.

Today, Sterling Medical Services stocks over 10,000 quality medical supplies that are delivered conveniently and privately to patients’ homes. Each order is custom-managed to support the individual needs of the patient, with particular attention to insurance benefits and requirements, care giver clinical protocols, and utilization conditions.

Special people. special service

By carefully designing programs to fit each individual customer, Sterling delivers economy and quality products and services that help to enable positive clinical outcomes. For example, based upon a product formulary that we work with you to develop, our proprietary system can automatically monitor and control utilization of medical supplies for each care episode thereby enabling accurate and dependable tracking of the cost of care.

For over a decade, Sterling has met the challenges of the dynamic home healthcare marketplace by providing both payors and providers with the advantages of a direct distributor relationship supported by the benefits of clinically-focused supply management services.

Setting the standard

CHAPSterling is proud to be accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). In our ongoing quest to be the recognized leader in the industry, CHAP accreditation demonstrates our dedication in achieving and maintaining world-class standards.


What does this mean for our customers? CHAP is an independent, non-profit accrediting body created in 1965. Its purpose is to objectively validate the excellence of health care providers through consistent measurement of the delivery of quality services. Therefore, Sterling patients can be rest assured they are receiving high quality products and services when they choose Sterling for their medical supply needs. LEARN MORE >

Sterling stocks over 10,000 products that are delivered quickly and confidentially to a patient at home.



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